JMAR Unlimited, LLC

JMAR Unlimited, LLC

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing


A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

How Can I Help?

~ educate & consult ~

Need a diversity and inclusion workshop? 

How about a sexual violence prevention and response program that isn't the same one the team slogs through every year? 

Programs that will leave them thinking?

Look no further. Let's get started.

~ inspire ~

We all have a story. 

I tell mine because I think it's important. If it helps one person to know life can be amazing despite incredible trauma, then 

it's worth it

Experts say humour is an essential ingredient of resilience.

Golly, that's a relief!

Sexual Violence is very serious. My own experience is no different, but the way I choose to talk about it doesn't have to be. We'll laugh. We'll cry. And you will walk away knowing it's all true: life can be amazing despite experiencing incredible trauma.

I am living proof.



Let's unleash your unlimited potential!

Working with the right coach can expand your vision and empower you to discover new possibilities and reach new heights.

Whether you're flying solo or  as a team, 

we're going to do great things together.

Session, Package, and Scheduling Details 

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